Josh Dollard -- 2005

Josh Dollard from Prince Avenue Prep (Hemingway, SC)

6’8 210 lbs SF, plays AAU ball for South Carolina Ravens

Charlotte is listed with Low Interest and have offered.

High Interest Teams: Auburn, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia Tech

Med Interest: UAB, Tulsa

Low Interest: South Carolina, Miami - Fl

All teams have offered

Dollard won POY in his league last year ( 22 ppg, 15 rebs and 3 assists)

“I am a long athlete who can run the floor really well,” he explained. “I can shoot the three or take it to the hole. I am an up-and-down the court type player. I run and jump well. Some areas I am working on are my ball-handling and adding some quickness for taking guys off the dribble and to help on my defense.”

“I plan to sign in the fall,” he said. “I am close on qualifying and right now I plan to take visits to Indiana, Virginia Tech, Auburn and Tennessee. The final visit will be between Tulsa and UAB. After those visits, I will choose a school and hope to do that before signing date.”

Doesn’t look like he plans to visit us.


He lists 4 schools he is going to visit: Auburn, Tennessee, Virginia Tech and Indiana. SC and Tulsa may also get a visit. We are not listed on his potential visits.


Auburn, Indiana, Tennessee and Virginia Tech are currently the schools he plans to visit. We have offered but appear to be low on his list as of right now.