Josh Smith - 2012 C

6’7 225lbs Center from Olympic.

Rivals - no stars

Scout - no stars

ESPN - no profile

I’m taking that this is the same guy that was playing at [font=tahoma, arial, helvetica, sans-serif] Bessemer City. Can’t find much on him, but the height and weight matches up.

OHS O-DAWGS in tha House!

That’s where Calvin Clemmons came from!

I’m trying to find out how (if) hard we are looking at Smith. Olympic is 9-0 and Smith is averaging 9 rebs a game.

[quote=“Ninercentral, post:3, topic:23912”]OHS O-DAWGS in tha House!

That’s where Calvin Clemmons came from![/quote]

Also where we couldn’t get guys like George Leach (IU) and Chris Marcus (WKU) :frowning:

Trojan c/o 97!

We are recruiting Smith now, no offer currently extended.

have you seen him play. from what i read, it seemed he mostly had big south/southern conference offers. do you think he is an a10 player?

Have not seen him play, can’t offer much info about him at this point.

Not loving a 6 7 center.

Ha! I’m sure that’s just a HS center. Be more like a PF in college. However, we’re already playing a 6’7" center in Sherrill.

not sure i like going against winthrop and presbytirian for a recruit. maybe hell blowup though.

The lists for recruits aren’t always up to date. With what our coaches have done so far recruiting wise, I’ll trust their judgement.

i agree. i trust the staff and am ridiculously excited about the incoming class and we still have one more scholarship to give, maybe two if someone transfers. id love to land that european kid from connecticut because we need a big guy who we can throw the ball to down low and score.

RT @scoutsfocus: 6’7 2012 PF Josh Smith on his visit to App State today, “I love app state.”

i doubt this guy is an a10 player from what i have read and from his offer list though. couldnt hurt to track him though, especially if it helps us get to freeman.

you can forget about Freeman. he’s one of the hottest names out there right now. I think we’ve learned that an offer list doesn’t necessarily reflect what the player can become.

i didnt think we had much of a shot with him but its nice to hope.

I saw Olympic play probably 10 times last year. Smith has incredible hands, but I can’t believe we are recruiting him. He’s not tall enough to play in the post in college and he is a true post player. No outside game at all. He’s a very good HS player, but he will end up at a smaller bball school like App or Winthrop.

If their PG, Reggie Arceneaux, isn’t good enough to play at Charlotte, then Smith certainly isn’t. There were many times last year that I wished we were recruiting Arceneaux. He controlled every game he played in.

Freeman is a big-recruit. He already has the body of a college player. I couldn’t believe he was only a sophomore last year. If we can land him, then I’m sold on Major & Co, but I’ve heard that Georgetown is all over him.

good write up on smith. i would assume, that we may be just showing interest in the kid and have no intent of offering. i did see that kid arcenaux play in an aau game last year and i was impressed. if he were 5’10", he could have gone almost anywhere he wanted.

Freeman is pretty much out of the question.