June 24th

Hey guys, my band is going to be playing a show June 24th @ Snug Harbor in Charlotte. Cover is $5. We’re going to be playing with a band called the Dead Records. Snug Harbor also asked if we knew any local bands that might want to play, so if any of you have a band or know someone who has a band that wants a show, have them get in touch with me (here or powerbait at gmail dot com).

You can hear my band at www.asceticparade.com or www.myspace.com/asceticparade and the dead records also have a myspace page. I hope a lot of you can make it out. I guarentee you that you wont see another band like us live this year or any other year most likely.

Hope to see some of you there

Cover is $5.

NN.N members get free admission…

If I could make it happen, I would.

NN.N members get free admission...
can't make the five bucks?

If he came to the show, I would pay his cover, but only because it cost him way more than $5 to get to Charlotte.

that’s in plaza midwood, right?

1228 Gordon St., Charlotte, NC 28205


**** yeah. Stumbling distance to and from the Penguin.

If 20 people from NN.N show up, I will perform in tights and a cape.

**** yeah. Stumbling distance to and from the Penguin.

**** yeah

If 20 people from NN.N show up, I will perform in tights and a cape.

**** yeah

RSVP on facebook here:

have there been any more shootings at snug lately

Are you trying to sabotage my show?!?!

And if not, there will be when we come to town.

Band we’re playing with:

Alright, last time I’m bumping this thread (unless I do it tomorrow, I just never know what crazy stunt I will pull). Show starts at 10. I will be drinking and eating artery cloggers at the penguin until like I dunno 9?

Then I will be drinking at Snug Harbor.

This is your chance to help a Niner do something other than a menial job for the rest of his life. What greater deed can one niner do for another? Also, I am ****ing awesome drunk and we rule.

Also, I am ****ing awesome drunk and we rule.

I can vouch for this. Nothing better than a hammered Pb forgetting 50% of the lyrics to each song.


And if I become a celebrity I promise to donate lots of money to Charlotte and I will not fall into the same traps as Dirk.

How would you describe your music?

[QUOTE=Jimmyhat49er;415519]How would you describe your music?[/QUOTE]

Like the Replacements if Paul W had drank…

Punkish rock + rockabilly + power pop. Mostly just loud. Loud and fast. Loud, fast and drunk.


FWIW, the Snug is a really cool bar.