Junior Salters - 2006

In one game during the Tournament of Champions at Cameron Indoor Stadium, he lit up OJ Mayo’s team for 33 points off 6 of 7 shooting from behind the arc. He is from Spartanburg SC and is being recruited by Charlotte, Clemson, C of C, Furman, Winthrop, and Gardner Webb.

More on Salters. Sounds like we’re working the SC area. The Celtics and Ravens AAU teams are loaded with talent.

Junior Salters led South Carolina in three-pointers last year and he didn’t take long to let everyone know it. The 6-foot-2 shooter from Broome HS led the tournament in trifectas made and sent the message against the Atlanta Celtics, dropping seven long bombs on the squad. The Atlanta team went to a box and one in order to stop him on the wing.

Salters has terrific form and uses high screens to his advantage for open looks. He can create off the dribble and gets high on his jumper. A great student in the class (he’s No. 1 in his class of 2006 at Broome), Salters should be a guy that the high-major academic schools look long and hard at. He has high-major skills.

From what little I’ve been able to find about Salters, apparently he’s a fairly decent football player as well. He plays cornerback and wide receiver for Broome High School, the 2004 South Carolina AA champions. In addition, the boy’s hoops team won the 2004-05 S.C. AA championship.

BTW, 49er women’s hoopster Whitney Hoey hails from Broome H.S. as well and holds the school’s scoring record for girls with over 2,000 points.

That’ll hurt our efforts unless basketball is his principle interest… still, I’d be suprised if he didn’t want at least the option to hit the gridiron.

[i]Originally posted by NinerLoudNProud[/i]@Jun 1 2005, 01:53 PM [b] That'll hurt our efforts unless basketball is his principle interest... still, I'd be suprised if he didn't want at least the option to hit the gridiron. [/b]
After further research, it looks as if Salters' primary interest is hoops. I had done a search that had brought up an Alabama football recruiting site, but it turns out that Salters is from Florida and is not our guy. Whew! :P

I have added him to the 2006 Recruiting list.

Salters will follow in the footsteps of former Niner standout Colin Largent and attend Wofford to start out his career.

WOFFORD!? are you kidding me!?:confused:
You dont drop 33 pts on OJ Mayos team, get called a high major talent, and then sign with friggin WOFFORD


jeebus, we were recruiting this kid?

[QUOTE=Gill2003;207795]jeebus, we were recruiting this kid?[/QUOTE]

Yep. He was 1-3, hitting one 3 in 17 minutes of play. I really liked the other guards. Incredibly quick and good shooters.

Gill,we had interest but according to blh’s recruiting assessment we never offered.