Just had to Say this....

Just had to say…Eddie Basden is the man…to all those who agree, reply


I concurr

[font=Courier][SIZE=4]EDDIE, EDDIE, EDDIE!!![/font][/SIZE]




[SIZE=4]He’s my hero.[/SIZE]

Eddie has proven he’s much more than a defensive specialist. He should be Conf POY. Can someone pull the stats for top contenders???

Amazing when that article by Tim said he has only been playing since 10th grade. That goes a long way to explaining why he has improved so much every year he has been here. Someone is going to get a steal if they draft him and let him play and keep improving.

I see Eddie resembling Josh Howard from Wake. Both are excellent defenders and slashers, and rebound extremely well for their size. I know that if Eddie was in a “power” conference, we wouldn’t have to question whether or not he would be drafted.

Well, I think the statement should say if he was in a power conference, we wouldn’t have to wonder if he has to go to the chicago pre-draft camp.

If he can be just as bad in workouts and draft camp, he’ll get drafted.

Eddie Basden = Conference POY