Just wait until he gets within earshot of Bobby!

Seems a UMass “Daily Collegian” columnist was offended by an outburst from Fordham coach Dereck Whittenburg during the UMass-Fordham game over the weekend.

[b]To set the scene, Fordham was leading UMass 48-43 at the 6:12 mark of the second half when Ram forward Bryant Dunston was fouled on the floor while going to the basket. After continuing to the hoop, Dunston laid the ball in, but the hoop was disallowed because the foul was called previously. Nonetheless, the scoreboard operator posted two points on the Fordham side of the scoreboard, making the score 50-43.

Immediately, UMass coach Steve Lappas moved quickly to center court to talk to the nearby referee and confirm with the official scorer that the basket did not count. Lappas carried on for a little over a minute, and then (Fordham coach Dereck) Whittenburg sprang into action.

Without provocation, the Fordham coach left his seat on the bench, approached center court and started yelling expletives at Lappas. While it was unclear what he was saying from my seat across the court, those nearby to the confrontation claimed to have heard numerous unmentionables, including allegedly telling Lappas to, “Get back in the f------ box you mother f------ a------,” among other things.[/b]

Link: Whittenburg was out of line

I’m tellin’ you man, there’s no love lost between A-10 coaches. Remember Calpari vs. Chaney? “The next time I see you, I’ll kill you!”