Katz Article: Newer Rivalries

Katz’s Newer Rivalries


The games are hotly contested usually and the fans in Charlotte don’t like Cincinnati. They get up for this game more than any other. The 49ers-Bearcats games can be intense but, at times, one-sided (like Wednesday night). This has become much more of a heated game in Charlotte than in Cincinnati, but it has been good for Conference USA the past five years.

How to sustain it?
Play a non-conference game every season. Charlotte is going to the Atlantic 10 and Cincinnati is off to the Big East. This is a newer rivalry that will likely die next season.

Scheduled meetings
Cincinnati 80, Charlotte 58 (Jan. 19 at Cincinnati), Feb. 5 at Charlotte[/b]

Wow, out of the eight rivalries mentioned, Charlotte-Cincinnati is the only one that won’t continue on a regular basis. :frowning:

Bob Huggins was on the local radio here at 5:45 today. When the announcer asked him about our game Wednesday night he said they were the most tentative they’d been all season in the first half. The announcer admitted he had only seen the second half on TV and wanted to make it sound like the 49ers were a bad team and Huggins bluntly told him, “We made a few good shots and their point guard was injured. Without him, they were a different team. Had he played, it would’ve been a very different contest.” He continued to say that he thought Charlotte was a good team. The announcer knew he was backed into the corner and then would only talk about Wake Forest, he knew little about the Bearcats other than Hicks being from Greensboro.