Katz speaks with Lutz

From ESPN.com, calling Charlotte a “winner” in the draft situation…

[i]Charlotte: Martin Iti isn’t going to dramatically change the 49ers but he still gives them a presence inside. Still, Charlotte coach Bobby Lutz had essentially divorced himself from Iti after hearing from him that he was leaning toward staying in the draft. Iti wanted to “take care” of his mother in Australia. But Lutz explained to him that being a second-round pick or going undrafted wasn’t going to help her.

“This is like adding a big recruit we didn’t think we were going to get,” Lutz said. “We thought he was gone. We would have been OK without him, but he gives us another dimension with four starters back. I’m really excited about our chances.”[/i]

Bobby’s so good, he can recruit the same guy to come here twice! :smiley: