Katz tabs Niners as one of his "Expert Picks"

From ESPN.com’s “NCAA Men’s Preview: Expert Picks / Hot Programs”:

Today’s Question: We’ve discussed one team that has infiltrated the nation’s upper crust and another that could make some noise in March. What are some of the other hot programs around the nation?

Andy Katz answers…


The 49ers may beat the NBA’s Bobcats in wins. They also will be the only postseason team in town. Charlotte has all the pieces in place to make another run at the Conference USA title. The 49ers have an entertaining offensive team. Don’t be surprised to see them as a Top 25 regular.[/b]

Link: ESPN.com: Expert Picks


[i]Originally posted by run49er[/i]@Nov 9 2004, 01:52 PM [b]

Don’t be surprised to see them as a Top 25 regular.

That would be great. This certainly seems possible on paper, but we’ll see if this team has the character and depth to win big games, close games and on the road.

Andy Katz is always good for a 49er ego stroke. :lol:

I hope we are consistently top 25. It would hopefully beget some respect.

We’ve got to play good team defense for this happen. If we can do that, sky’s the limit for this team. The offense is there.