Kevin Palacios -- 2005

Kevin Palacios: per said we have offered

6’7 240lb PF from Eastern Oklahoma State

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela

haven’t been able to find out much about him

Is he related to the Forward the Cardinals signed for this year?

Cause that guy’s supposedly the real deal.

Juan (Tello) Palacios

Ok, judging by his photo, I’m gonna go with “No.” B)

Kevin Palacios

Kevin is from Venezuela. We’ve done alright with a player or two from down that way.

I think Slick Rick’s Palacios is Colombian.

I remember this kid from a year ago. I went back thru my database (yes, database…recruiting junkie) and saw that we had some interest back then. He use to play at Laurinburg Prep and that is how we had originally found him.

He has committed to South Carolina. Ony SC and Charlotte offered.