Kiwan Smith SF - 2008

So I was looking through the “at least I admit it thread” and remembered Kiwan Smith, one of Big Phil’s teammates on that basketball show that aired on MTV JUCO’d. Well I pulled up his rivals profile and it looks like he’s considering Charlotte.

Anyway, listed as 6’8 210 lb. SF but at Charlotte I’d say he’d be a PF/C. Was a Top 100, 4 star guy in HS and is currently playing at Redlands CC, OK. Averaging 10.2 points and 5.4 rebounds per game. Shooting just under 60% from the field and 43% from 3 point land.

Schools listed: [COLOR=DarkGreen]Charlotte[/COLOR], Baylor, Oklahoma, Houston, West Virginia, and Wichita State.

I saw that last night as well. Would be another athletic piece in our puzzle. Might be a good fit for us at the 4 with Bobby’s system. Kiwan Smith profile JC Prospects Kiwan Smith profile Redlands C.C. 2007-08 Men’s Basketball Roster

Thanks run, forgot those. I think the scout list is out-of-date and reflects those that were pursuing him in HS. By the way, any time you want stats for JUCO players, they’re usually on the NJCAA site. Much more reliable than the individual schools.
Just use the drop-down menu for the school of interest
Here’s the complete stats for Redlands, including Smith.

I could of swore there was a thread on this guy… oh well maybe I’m just loosing it.

Stats in JUCO are hard to pin down. It seems to be every guy for himself most of the time, which really hurts big men at times.

Edit: found it

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EDITED: Thanks CharSF. survivor pointed out in the Phil Jones thread that Kiwan and Phil were teammates in Lauringburg Prep, not just the MTV Battlegrounds thing.