Know anything about Pro-Am or McInnis league?

Does anyone know if the McInnis or the old Charlotte Pro-Am League will be getting started soon? I would think the presence of the Bobcats might get us a better location than the West Meck gym, but I really don’t know.

Does Neo or Lefty know who from our team will be playing? I assume Withers again…but after that, I don’t have a clue. Bennett played last year and Cal, but I imagine Cal has other priorities. Now that Iti is back, I hope he gets involved!

i have been wondering the same thing. i know in a past interview with leemire goldwire, he said he was most likely going to play in a charlotte pro-am league this summer. any info you guys have would be very much appreciated

The Mcginnis league is starting on Monday. Same place (West Meck) and same time (4 games start at 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30). Have not seen a listing of the roster yet(maybe in tom. paper). I’m guessing Withers, Pigford(played last year), Drayton, maybe Iti, Bennett, and/or Goldwire. I’ll have a complete run down when I get back from it late Monday night.

Drayton, Nance, and Goldwire are already in school. Lewis will be here soon if not already. Not sure who will play. It may make more sense for Drayton and Nance who are Juniors. The freshman may be better served spending their time in the classroom, the weight room and shooting jumpers.

Any Rosters yet PCON??

What up PCON! :drink: