Lady Niners claim another victim

It should be noted that DePaul, C-USA’s top womens team, lost at Marquette last weekend. To win in the Al McGuire Center is a tough feat - Marquette is a very tough, physical womens team.


Yahoo! Sports: Charlotte 60, Marquette 54

Nice job ladies! I know their SOS isn’t that great, but that’s a tough feat.

FYI…the Women Billikens are 1-14 (0-2)…ouch! Not a good year to be a mythical alien.

[i]Originally posted by C49er[/i]@Jan 14 2005, 10:20 PM [b] FYI...the Women Billikens are 1-14 (0-2)...ouch! [/b]
Correction: 1-15 (0-3). They lost tonight. They suck. Charlotte-Marquette Box Score

Haha! My bad.

Big game on Sunday for the women at DePaul. If they can win that one, they may start to sniff Top 25.