Lambert is out

Official e mail just received


I just got the email from athletics with this news. Nice that they can make the announcement now, giving an extra week to start their search and talk to candidates ahead of other programs.

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But but but we wouldn’t do it during the season.

It was timed AFTER it was certain we wern’t bowling. If we had won out and gotten a bid, he wouldn’t have fired him, IMHO.


Your HUMBLE opinion needs ALL CAPS?

honestly, I see that as pretty likely. if we won and bowled, would’ve been pending on how we/he did

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The timing is perfect, it establishes that bowls are expected.

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Time to win.

I do hope we give FAU a giant turdburger on Saturday. They need to win to bowl. And last year Kiffin said he wasn’t even going to watch film on Charlotte.

Charlotte football is reborn! Exciting news!

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Dan Wolken:


This timing is perfect.

First off, hill is making the hire not gene wilder.
Shows bowl was the bar at a minimum.
We can move forward now.

Making a bowl would have been the second worst possible outcome for the program long term. Worst would be JR is making this hire.


I guess congratulations are in order. I hope you get a good hire.

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We hope you get a good hire as well

I don’t see Satt moving after this year but if he does I like our chances of finding a great replacement.

Would you prefer a proven FCS head coach or an FBS assistant?

As an outsider looking in, satt is gone my man.

So if we lose the season finale to FAU, Lambert will finish with a 21-49 record. How ironic!

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