Laminate flooring question


We’re looking to put some laminated on our main level. has some nice laminates that have the underlay already attached. Anyone have experience with this type? I’ve only laid down the pad, then placed laminate on top. Prob not much of a difference, but just wanted to ask.

Here is an example:

Prefer engineered hardwood, but I have seen laminate hold up really well with small pets. It wont look as realistic though. $.02

Would also say that whatever you buy will look darker in your house unless it is extremely well lit. Most showrooms are much much brighter than your home. Dark woods look amazing when clean but get dirty really easily. Lighter floors dont show dirt as well.

we had dark flooring in our last place, the Mrs loved it and thats what she prefers. Going to be tough for us to afford the pre-engineered. Trying to keep cost to $2/sf.

I feelya man, just got paying off about 1600 sf of hardwoods and porcelain tile. I bought engineered. It’s freaking beautiful when we clean it, but it shows evey bit of dirt. Had a family member put down some $.99/sf laminate that I thought was gonna be awful and it turned out really great and still looks brand new almost 3 years later.

2k, I’ve had laminate in my living room and kitchen since 2003, and it still looks nice. Also had some installed in the den/man cave in 2007 and I love it as well. Not sure about the makeup of the flooring at LL you linked to, but it sure looks nice once installed. Both of my installers used a roll of padding/underlayment. Not sure if it’s more for insulation or cushioning, but you’ll have to look at the cross section of a piece of what you’re going to buy to see if you’ll need the underlayment or not. Ask the folks at LL, and they should give you an honest recommendation. I needed the underlayment to cushion the laminate sections from the corkboard that my carpet used to rest on. The Armstrong flooring I had installed didn’t have the pre-glued underlayment attached as the LL product you linked to does.

Main problems with any of these floors are inadequate moisture barrier beneath the flooring and not providing gaps around the perimeter for expansion.

I want to put bamboo flooring down in my new place. I love the way bamboo flooring looks.

My hard wood flooring is just 2x4s thas are sealed - but i live in a log cabin so not sure how that would look other places. I can tell though it is pretty sweet!

[quote=“Niner National, post:7, topic:26116”]I want to put bamboo flooring down in my new place. I love the way bamboo flooring looks.[/quote]IIRC, Bamboo is one of the softer flooring options out there. I believe J-Felt has it, ask them how they like it.

this is the one were really looking at getting:

That cat looks like a mini-jaguar… an Ocelot maybe?

  1. floating floor
  2. absolutely get a strong moisture barrier
  3. pay for good padding. It is worth it.

clt recommends shag carpet.

[quote=“2k, post:9, topic:26116”][quote=“Niner National, post:7, topic:26116”]I want to put bamboo flooring down in my new place. I love the way bamboo flooring looks.[/quote]IIRC, Bamboo is one of the softer flooring options out there. I believe J-Felt has it, ask them how they like it.[/quote]Bamboo is actually much harder than hardwoods if you get the woven compressed kind.

[quote=“CharSFNiners, post:11, topic:26116”]That cat looks like a mini-jaguar… an Ocelot maybe?[/quote]Whatever it is, I want one.

I know you are on a tight budget but if you have any plans to sell your home in the future, I would strongly consider holding out to save more money for engineered wood. I’m not knocking laminates as we have some in our house that was pre-existing and kept because we have 2 dogs/2 cats but they do get frowned upon when showing a home. Everyone loves hardwoods and it’s usually the first feature a potential homebuyer comments on during a showing.

We recently had someone out to price our entire downstairs (sans the kitchen/half bath) for engineered and as much as it pained us to do so, that upgrade had to go to the back burner because of the costs. I can do the labor myself but just material alone was too much to take on right now with another baby on the way. We just keep telling ourselves that they would be a pain to keep clean from dust/pet dander and scratches from the dogs chasing each other around.

With that said, when we do move in a few years, we won’t really consider looking at a home that doesn’t have hardwoods already as an upgrade. If laminate is all you can do and you cannot wait, then just make sure you do as others have stated and prep the area properly and install correctly. If you don’t, you’ll start seeing the seams open up on you over time or have unlevel/warped areas.

We just moved in this Summer, we’ll be here for 5-7 years at a minimum. Only way we move out that quick is if the markets rebound and we can make 40k plus on this house.

[quote=“2k, post:10, topic:26116”]this is the one were really looking at getting:


My wifes parents just put this down in their house in Winston-Salem. I can say 3 things about it:

1- It does look good, and its hard to tell it’s a laminate product. The average consumer will never know the difference.
2- Their floor shows every paw print from the dogs…but they bought this cool steam swiffer that does wonders on cleaning the floors without moping.
3- The sheen is very glossy. If you like that sort of thing the go for it…me personally don’t like the glare from lights and windows. I think that’s where you see a huge difference in the laminate vs wood, depending on the finish.

I don’t think anyone with any familiarity with wood flooring is going to confuse that for the real thing. Everything from the over-gloss, the redundant wood grain/knot patterns and the seams screams laminate IMO. It would be even more noticable walking on it.
But if that is what your budget limits you to and you don’t want carpet/tile, then it’s a good option as it can be aesthetically pleasing in the right home. I would just avoid something super dark/glossy as it’s going to show every spec of dust that falls and look more synthetic.
Some of the wholesale clubs have nice laminate as well and it’s easy to put down.

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