Larry Ogunjobi


No. 65 was picked 65th!


The Browns are now my second team behind the Panthers.


Will be fun watching Larry develop next to Myles Garrett. Great day for our program.


He Isn’t a QB so I think he’ll make it in Cleveland.


Until now I barely cared about the NFL draft, so help me out here–is Larry sure to be a Brown, or could he end up being packaged and traded somewhere else in the next week or so?


Cleveland has had a really good draft


I don’t see why they picked him if they were going to deal him. NFL draft usually doesn’t do that (like the NBA does). Usually picks, not,players are exchanged on draft day.

Edited to add: Cleveland doesn’t have a number #65



Larry is listed on the Brown’s roster as number 65!




Larry’s conference call with Cleveland media.


Carolina 49ers!


[quote=“cltniners, post:52, topic:30872”]

Carolina 49ers![/quote] The Gamecocks ain’t goin’ like that.


“Carolina 49ers” might be the most amazing name confusion I’ve ever seen. CHP should be really proud of that one.


Where do you see that? I don’t see the numbers for the draft picks yet.

I already ordered a custom 65 jersey so I’m just crossing fingers now…the number is available on their roster and eligible for DT so Idk why he wouldn’t be I just haven’t seen it officially yet


clt ordered a Carolina 49ers jersey today.


Couldn’t ask for a better representative of our school. I’ll be watching a lot more Browns games this year.


What the Browns depth chart looks like following the 2017 NFL Draft

Starters: Danny Shelton, Larry Ogunjobi
Others: Caleb Brantley, Gabe Wright, Trevon Coley, Nile Lawrence-Stample

Shelton is the only definite starter here, but we’ll give Ogunjobi, a third-round pick, the other inside spot in defensive coordinator Gregg Williams’ 4-3 scheme. Wright spent most of last season on the practice squad, Lawrence-Stample spent 2016 on IR (shoulder) and Coley was a late-season pickup for the practice squad. Brantley has a legal issue to overcome before he makes the roster, but could be a major contributor if he does.


Larry Ogunjobi tapped as a potential “surprise” rookie starter in 2017


If you want an autographed Brown’s Ogunjobi jersey there will be one at the Gold Rush Auction. Priceless.