Larry Ogunjobi


Just watching this Thursday night football, made we realize…I cannot wait to hear when the browns are introducing the defense…“Larry Ogunjobi - Charlotte” will be special to hear.


Larry O with a pretty damn good game 1 as a starter. 7 total tackles and a sack.

Larry Damn O.


The true pride of Niner Nation.


I agree. Good post.


See…I can be positive too…when I see positive. Just doesn’t happen much around here these days. Maybe I’m just spoiled from the CUSA 1.0 days of hoops and yearn for us to get back to those good ol’ days again.


We can agree on that.


Saw on Twitter that Larry played in 94% of the snaps…also saw some goober (Jon Ledyard) tweeted during the game (before the Cleveland comeback) that Larry “had not been good at all today”


Larry has since retweeted it on his twitter feed!


Our dude is fugging beasting it! 2 sacks so far versus New Orleans


and had a third sack negated by an illegal contact penalty away from the ball. He is killing it this year.


Larry looking real good.

Retire #65?



Can we rename the stadium after Larry Ogunjobi? Only half kidding.



I would imagine that offenses scheme around Garrett. Larry is going to force them to change plans which will free Miles up a bit.


Kosar is getting old. I guess I am too.


Larry O leading the team in tackles from the DT spot!!!

8 Tackles…2 for loss


Mamma there goes that man


clt says Larry is going to get paid.


Browns’ Board:


From the Browns msg board… “Pretty sure it was Ogunzilla.”