Larry Ogunjobi


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Ogunzilla is a perfect nickname…I would love for that to stick


Charlotte Absorber ran a story about some Former Cheat player who’s now with this weeks Panther’s opponent.
I’ll be looking for a story on Larry when the locals travel to Cleveland later on this year. :thinking:


Larry Ogunjobi

Larry Ogunjobi might have the hottest stock on the Browns (not counting Mayfield). He’s been included on this list during each of the first weeks, and he should continue to soar.

A product of UNC Charlotte, few had ever heard of the defensive tackle when the Browns and Sashi Brown plucked him in the middle of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Now, Cleveland’s reaping the rewards.

Ogunjobi, an interior defensive lineman, mind you, led the Browns with eight tackles against the Jets. He also had two stuffs for -5 yards.

He had the huge pressure of Sam Darnold, that forced the rookie into thrown an interception with two minutes remaining.

For playing on the interior, Ogujobi is sneaky quick, which isn’t something Browns’ fans have been used to.

For a long time, the Browns played out of a 3-4 base, where the job of the nose tackle was to just clog up running lanes.

Now there’s someone with active hands, separating himself from blockers and making plays.

The Browns benefited from Myles Garrett on the outside, and even Chris Smith, who got some reps in place of the injured Emmanuel Ogbah got some TV time.


clt forgot about the observer until you mentioned it


Hell, if Larry had played at crapple hole, the o would have already had about 10 articles about him.


D.O.B.A. x infinity


Larry almost had a fumble return for a TD but ref blew the whistle early. Anyways, ran across this interview from a few weeks ago. Great interview as always, however, that is not what caught my attention…it’s the comment section. The genuine love for him and well wishes is astounding. Very proud and what a great guy!


We need to start getting very vocal about retiring #65. For real.


No way. He was a good college player, but not great enough to retire a number. We would run out of numbers quick.


I disagree. He was an incredible college player. I will be shocked if we have a player as good as him in the next 10 years, even with a great coaching hire. G5 teams don’t get stud NFL players with regularity.


There were 17 Pro Bowlers from non power 5 schools last season. Its not as uncommon as you’d think


Just to frame my opinion here, name the players that went to college in North Carolina in the NFL who are better than Larry right now.

Chubb? Trubisky? Cohen? Peppers?

I’d say at this moment in time Larry is better than all of those players.


clt says Larry is the only one with a chance to make the pro bowl


I’m loving Larry’s growth and current play… Lets just wait and see how his career plays out before we get ahead of ourselves.


Agreed. Let’s take a measured approach to this. He can earn his way into jersey retirement at CLT. He makes a couple pro bowls, of course it will make sense.



To be eligible for jersey retirement, a 49ers student-athlete must graduate, be named All-America or Conference Player of the Year, have enjoyed team success during his or her career and exhibit strong character. In addition, multiple all-conference selections, all-region or district honors and academic honors can be considered.


They just retired a female soccer player’s jersey who didn’t meet some of those requirements.


I think it is unrealistic to expect a start up program to have players that can meet these requirements in a sport like football where individual acclaim is often determined by team performance. If Larry becomes a pro bowl player in the NFL we should look at retiring his jersey.


I think we should name the indoor practice facility after him, once he gives us a large piece of his next contract.