Larry Ogunjobi


TBF, those requirements were written before we had football.


I’m fine with honoring Larry’s jersey number and making him the first football member of the university hall of fame or Whatever we have in place or not in place currently. There are so many players on the football team it’s hard to truly retire jersey numbers. Were using most of the numbers now and that includes some numbers having an offense of an defense of player with the same number.


Retire his jersey number? Wut


I’m all for honoring Larry, but since it wouldn’t be for what he did in a 49ers jersey, it shouldn’t be the retirement of his jersey number.


Well, that’s because we finally have an A.D. who respects women’s sports.


I think Larry could be a great NFL player, but he was just cutting his teeth here. His achievements at this level were not remarkable, but were good. He is also a great ambassador for our University. Maybe if we have like a ring of honor on the stadium or something, but retiring a jersey number should be extremely difficult to have happen.




Thanks. Damn autocorrect.


“Autocorrect” should be autocorrected to “autofuckup”


She must have gotten the Judy Pardon on her way out the door.


Hopefully in 15 years we have a long “retired” Brad Lambert talking about how important #65 was for this program and the Cleveland Browns at a half time presentation. We can hear about his play in CUSA, the multiple pro bowls and all pro selections, super bowl rings(s), a killer highlight reel on the video board(s). All the good stuff.

What we need to let happen is… his career.

We are a new program and need to let some of the accolade related honors other schools have develop organically. 5 years in we shouldn’t have any retired numbers.


Spot on


I hope he will support us financially, giving back so other athletes can benefit from his success


Dont know if anyone keeps up with the Browns…I dont really unless it’s LO related, but NFL admitted that last week should have been a fumble and LO would have had a fumble return for a touchdown. Refs man…


This popped up on my LinkedIn today. Figured I would post it here again.


Are you making your Christmas list?


That is SWEET!!


Here are two more items I found. Larry is definitely becoming a fan favorite.


clt says that is intense


Was looking around the CCI page and happened to see this. Nice to see both Larry and the school making an effort.