Last Chance U

Just got done watching Last Chance U, six-part docuseries on Netflix. About East Mississippi Community College football program, apparently one of the best JUCOs in the country. It was interesting to learn about that world and some crazy stuff happens on the field. Good preseason viewing, I think; enjoyed it.

clt is amazed. How did you get the DVDs so quickly?

[quote=“cltniners, post:2, topic:30466”]clt is amazed. How did you get the DVDs so quickly?[/quote] Pony Express.

Watching this now. 2 things

  1. this is the most Mississippi show you can ever imagine. The coach and and academic advisor are e Carly what I thought they would look/act like.

  2. we’ll see some of these guys this year and next:

After watching I’m not surprised the one recruit we’ve gotten from there got kicked off the team:

Coach let his pride get in the way when they were up 48-0. Could of taken the team to the locker room and let things cool down but instead acted like an asshat then things blew up.

I didnt know who to ultimately blame, the players or the coaches. I can understand reasons for both.

However, the one thing that stuck out was how the one player just stood up and said “f that” after coach tried to talk to them after the situation calmed down.

That wouldn’t happen in even HS. Buddy had zero control over those kids. He never showed authority over them.

Coaches were to blame. Running up the score like they were trying to do was classless…kind of like what MTSU did to the 49ers last year. The starting running back (who I think had committed to UAB) was literally getting stomped by the other team near their sidline, and the East Mississippi head coach wanted everyone to stay on the sideline rather than help their teammate!

Coach had a point on that, his bench clears and there goes a shot at the national championship. As you saw a few players could of used the extra games to play in front of more schools. The referees in that game should never be allowed on a football field again just based on the lack of control they had.

What I really didn’t like is what the coach said immediately after the brawl. All around pathetic showing for pretty much everyone there, even the local cops.