Latest Bracket Projections

…and we are one of those.

CBS’s Tony Mejia has us as an 11 seed in the West. I guess that makes us one of the last in for this projection.

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Always amazed when these things start coming out so early but it’s entertaining if nothing else.

With that said, I’d take an 11 seed any day over an 8 or 9 seed…especially in that region. We want NO part of Gonzaga in the 2nd round.

Considering our current rpi (which will improve), I’ll take the 11 (especially with the pairings in this particular bracket). We can probably beat any 6 if we play well & then not have to worry about the #1 seed.

No Memphis in this projection. Breaks my heart. I wonder what their fans will say about this projection.


It sez sincy plays ill-a-noise tomorrow. WOW! Is that at sincy? GO CATS!!