Latest odds for Charlotte to win NCAA

Not promoting gambling in the least, but Intertops gives us right now 126:1 odds. Teams such as UVA, Mizzou, Clemson, and Miss State have better odds than we do…

Do the odds makers know something wrong with our team that we don’t? It’s not like Charlotte will likely win, but who knows? Seems like wonderful odds to lay 5 on. If nothing else, the list of teams with better odds is kinda funny and puzzling

on, we’ve gone from 100-1, to 200-1 all summer and fall…really when u look at our past few years histort in the ncaa…how can u blame them…we’re a better team then that, but we just cant seem to get it done in march as of late

by the way duke is a 7-2 to win it all already lol…and if you want to, texas is a 30-1 to win the ncaa and BCS this year…those odds are pretty crazy too

clt was in vegas last week and paris has us at 30-1, aladdin at 125-1. guess which one clt bet on.