law scool or medical school

lately i’ve been hearing a number of rumors that charlotte could have a medical school or a law school in as little as two to three years. Can anyboy lend some insight as 2 when this would be and rather or not it is simply legal.

There have been rumors that Charlotte is in the running to get a law school up and running (Queens College is also in the mix). However, 2 years is a pipe dream. It would take much more time to do what is necessary to get this going.

As for a med school? We have a good infastructure in the metro area to support it…(CMC is top o’ tha line) but I have not heard anything about it.

In the mid-70’s, there was a rumor that the school had decided to invest money in a med school and hospital rather than a football team. It made sense at the time.

I heard (a rumor mind you) that back in the 70’s we were competing with ECU on the med school. When they got it, someone created a sign that said “ECU got the med school and we got the shaft.”

Guess where they posted the sign? ? ? ? ?

Correct, on the front door of the Mine Shaft.

There is a for-profit law school coming to charlotte. It is going to be called charlotte school os law or soemthing, but its not related to our school. That’s the only one that is for sure at the moment

thanks for the info, would have been nice to be a charter member of the charlotte law program…maybe one day.

With our proximity to South Carolina and the traditional bias against Charlotte (read: Charlotte the metro area, not university) we’ll never, sadly, have a medical school.

Queens recently purchased the old federal building (or lease, can’t remember). Queens wants to start a law school by 2010.

Charlotte should have pursued the law school further. Similar to the PharmD program at Wingate, the law program will go right bye us again.

[i]Originally posted by vbniner[/i]@Sep 25 2005, 02:45 PM [b] ....the law program will go right bye us again. [/b]
don't you mean right by us? and what do you mean by "again"? i've never read anything positive from you about our athletics or academics.

Hi. I am a non-trad who just graduated from UNCC this past May.

I am also the first admitted full-time student to the Charlotte School of Law. I’ll be attending on a full-time basis in August 2006.

If you want more info, go to They are a sister school to Florida Coastal School of Law, which has been around for 10 years or so and is doing very well in Jax. In fact, FCSL is now #1 in bar passage rates for the whole state of FL.

Charlotte School of Law plans to start classes on a part time basis in January 2006, and full time in August. They will apply for ABA Accreditation after one full year of full-time operation, and there is little doubt that they will achieve it.

I encourage everyone interested in law school to check them out. They are very open and honest people, and I believe they will be a great asset to Charlotte. Feel free to call them and set up an appt to speak with them, if you’re interested.

Like you, I am sorry that UNCC could not get a law school sooner, because I would have liked to continue my education with the U, but CSL be great too.