Leave it to Davidson

to make the following declaration:

“we’re convinced the internet is just a fad anyway–soon to go the way of Flock of Seagulls and slap bracelets”

the davidsonian



That is a sarcastic statement, you know? The “the davidsonian website was destroyed in an unfortunate culinary accident involving a wok, fresh basil, and some ground cumin” should be a tipoff.

Are the branch davidsonians eradicating seagulls now?

Oh dear.

[i]Originally posted by NormanNiner[/i]@Dec 8 2004, 09:47 AM [b] Oh [url=http://www2.davidson.edu/studentlife/stu_orgs/gsa/GSA.htm]dear[/url]. [/b]
sadly they have something like that here too, i am sure.
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Anyone go to the Toga party on Nov. 18th???