So I was just watching Lee’s D-League team playing on the NBA channel, and his team was down by 10-15 points most of the game. They made a late comeback, and Lee just drained about a 35 footer that hit bottoms, with less than a second on the clock. His team won 99-98. Just thought I would pass on a positive niner nugget. Oh and they were playing Maine, if anyone wants to try and look it up.

Was it a live game?



Leemire on the front page!!

I’m not sure the NBDL is sorta confusing. I think they play baseball like schedules where they play the same team multiple times on a trip, and they get alot of days off. I just came across it by chance, the game started around 4:00-4:30ish so I really dont know if it was live. They have a NBDL day on there once a week, and I see Lee and Curt’s teams on there all the time. Havent seen Eddie though.

Looks like that game was from 3/7


Here are highlights!

Mark 1:15 is the game winner

It was from last Friday, actually they have highlights and play by play. Lee also hit 3 trey’s in the final 1:55 of the game. Here is the link. Oddly enough, the game he is on the front page for is a completely different game.


I found this somewhat fascinating - D-League players only make $12,000-24,000 a year on average. Only $30 per day when on the road for meals. Thats not much.


Lee has a kid and a wife - I assume he’s not alone. Thats grad student pay.

Man, I need to catch some of his games when they play close by.

Leemire is probably one of the best players I saw play. He was just amazing. I still can’t believe all the ankles he broke. You would think people would learn about his crossover. It was beautiful.

I’ve said this before, but this shot right here sealed it for me. The balls on this guy!

Niners beat Umass (live from Picassos)

Gill - I’ll never forget that shot.