Lefty, where is our mystery recruit?

The 2005 prospect who is top 50 and will likely have three years and is a pure shooter. When do we find out who he is and get some info on him?

any news at all?

I haven’t heard anything. I may have jumped the gun.

Dammit Lefty!! Get us hard and leave us hanging…

[i]Originally posted by Jimmyhat49er[/i]@Dec 2 2004, 03:38 PM [b] Dammit Lefty!! Get us hard and leave us hanging... [/b]
Easy. :unsure:

Lefty can you at least give us his name. Obviously you heard/know something

nobody on rivals top 150 has us in their list

Rivals board

I don’t know what our chances are, just that there was some interest. I thought maybe our coaching connection down there would help us. Don’t know.

For those of us that don’t have a subscription to rivals, how about telling us who the player is??

That’s a free message board. That’s why I gave the link. Glenn Miles. All I heard is there is some interest and that was a while back.