Legal Question

If someone wanted to allegedly write a letter to an alleged non-payer of rent that someone allegedly had a judgement for without getting countersued for harassment, how would one do it? The person in question allegedly lives in a new state, SC, is allegedly a B-Ball coach in the Big South, & a girl on the women’s team was allegedly kicked off for allegedly stealing at a Wal-Mart.

How does someone mention all these allegations to get this person to allegedly pay-up by implying that we don’t want this to go to his boss at the school, the Pres. or AD, or to the local or nat’l media, since this school was in like 5 of the last 7 or 8 tourneys, without getting counter-sued for allegedly being harassing, coercing, or explotaitive?

Any lawyers here, because someone allegedly is too broke for an attorney.

clt is no attorney but recommends you take him to the peoples court.

You should not allegedly blackmail someone, that’s the long and short of it. If he is a coach and has the money, you should instead seek to collect on the lien. You do not want to risk civil and/or criminal liability in SC because of extortion for trying to collect on something as minute as rent.

The preceding was not legal advice and in no way created an attorney-client relationship; rather an answer to a hypothetical fact pattern.

*Licensed in NC


Hire “The Dawg”! He can collect/catch anything!

Ninercentral I know I don’t want to allegedly extort or blackmail, that’s why I was asking if someone knew the lawyer’s way to say it that isn’t allegedly extortion/blackmail.

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