Lehigh is up 4 on Coppin State in the 2nd half

Interesting barometer for our game… Was curious to see if Lehigh would handle them easily. They were up 5 at halftime.

The barometer is steady. Tied at 55 all with 3:57 remaining.

Lehigh wins 65-64. Earlier Butler defeated Alabama State, 70-61.

Tomorrow: Alabama State vs. Coppin State, Butler vs. Lehigh and ???

coppin state was up 2, lehigh needed a 3 w/ 2 seconds left to win.

So we beat Coppin by 17, NW beats Lehigh by 2, Lehigh beats Coppin by 1…

my math shows this means we should be Northwestern by exactly 83 points. Put money on it people, math doesn’t lie.