leslie cook

why is she leavin i like watchin the girl play. She was a big scorer??

any information

That was a big surprise while reading the Big O this morning.

FWIW, here’s the official notice at Charlotte49ers.com:

Junior Leslie Cook Leaves 49ers Basketball Program

I know Coach Katie has big hopes this season and that certainly has to put a damper on things.


She’s got some state HS records for 3’s as well. Maybe she wasn’t happy on the bench? who knows, hurts the women’s squad for sure.

[i]Originally posted by Butter49er[/i]@Nov 5 2004, 02:55 PM [b] Maybe she wasn't happy on the bench? [/b]
Although she came off the bench last season, she got plenty of PT. Although the official release makes it sound like her departure was a surprise, I'd be willing to bet the house it wasn't.

Anyway, best of luck to Leslie wherever she ends up.


It came as a complete suprise to the womens team. I know this because I work for them. She said that she did not have a love for the game anymore. Her three point shooting ability will most certainly be missed.

Jan, thanks for the update. Guess I’m just a skeptic with all the spin that goes on these days! Any chance that Cook would be welcomed back on the team if she were to reconsider her decision?


No…she left on not so good of terms.

[i]Originally posted by jandrade[/i]@Nov 8 2004, 07:06 PM [b] No...she left on not so good of terms. [/b]
How did Obie take the situation? I know they played together in HS...

She handled it ok. Some of the other players were a little shook up though.

So what’s the starting lineup this year, J?

I’m thinking League, Daniels, Davidson, Brown, Obie… is that right?

The freshmen looked really good at MM. I hope we don’t rely on Davidson as much this year… I like her, but she’s the womens equivalent of Butter Johnson with regards to ball handling and shot selection.

[i]Originally posted by UNCCTF[/i]@Nov 8 2004, 09:25 PM [b] I'm thinking League, Daniels, Davidson, Brown, Obie... is that right?


Timely story on Krystion Obie in the Observer this morning. I especially liked the part about her passing on a Morehead scholarship at UNC Chapel Hill to play ball at Charlotte. :thumbsup: She’s had some terrible luck with injuries.

Observer on Obie

Here’s a further tidbit on Krystion Obie, her older sister accepted a Morehead Scholarship. There’s a lot of smarts running around in that house! The Tar Heels weren’t so high on recruiting her either, although she and Cook were mainstays on an awesome championship team at High Point Central.

Hope she can stay healthy, she’s a good person.