Let the Niner Bashing Begin

[SIZE=2]“Try to stay as far away from the student section as possible. They are known for being very poor sports and will throw things at opposing teams’ fans. Of course they also usually have very poor attendance during the winter break so that shouldnt be a problem for this game…[/SIZE][SIZE=2]I have been to a lot of road games and those are the only places I have had negative experiences.”[/SIZE]
[/SIZE][SIZE=2]“This UNCC team really sucks and they can’t give away tickets. This will be another exhibition game for IU.”


Exhibition game?? PSSH…I don’t know about these guys, but our exhibition games are pretty down to the wire :hammer:


Yeah, I read that comment on Peegs earlier today and tried to explain it was just a Cincy thing but truth be told, we DO have an unfortunate history of tossing things. Just don’t any of our students throwing things at opposing fans. That’s the main thing I took issue with in his post.

They’ll bring a huge crowd like last time. Should be a good atmosphere.