Let's Give Props

To Leemire Goldwire for making a 3.6 in his first semester here. Good to find a talented kid who takes care of his academics.

not only that, but after the Alabama game, he was in the gym. That’s dedication. The kid will be great down the road.

Not sure how you know when the players are in the gym and when they aren’t but ok. I have been really happy with Goldwire and have noticed improvement on the court this season so far and I expect him to only get better. Of course academic achievement is important and that deserves serious props!

Well, that’s where Mitch told me he was, I guess he could have been lying to me.

Oh yeah I forgot Mitch is your boy, or was your boy, now it’s Nance.

Actually, I’ve never really spoken to Nance. He doesn’t come out after the games.

If anything, I would say my “boys” are CJ and Eddie. There are other people who post here who are better aquainted with Mitch. But, I did see Mitch after the Bama game, and he told me that Leemire was in the gym working out. Geeze, you won’t let someone say anything nice about our players at all, will you? I’m not sure which is worse, you as PlavichFanForever or as Switchfoot.

I think it’s awesome that Leemire has that much dedication to improve.

Lighten up. I was just messing around. I am very happy about Leemire’s performance and furthermore love your excitement and knowledge of 49er athletics.