Live Mascot

Per the Facebook page, we’re looking for a student to play a live version of Norm.

I’m a fan of the idea (see WVU’s mountaineer), especially given it’s alongside our current Norm.

We are going to look like Duck Dynasty

It looks like this is a one time thing but I hope we consider adding a “real Norm” for football. Give him a pack mule to walk around with too!!

[font=lucida grande][size=13px]Ever wanted to be Norm the Niner – we mean a REAL Norm the Niner? Here is your chance! With Norm having his burly beard we thought it would be great to take [/size][/font][font=lucida grande][/size][size=13px]#normvember[/size][/font][font=lucida grande][/size][size=13px] to a different level and have our [/size][/font][font=lucida grande][/size][size=13px]UNC Charlotte[/size][/font][font=lucida grande][/size][size=13px] students shoot us photo[/size][/font][font=lucida grande][/size][size=13px]s of their Norm-like beards. We will select a final pool of four contestants out of the responses we receive. From there we will allow for Niner Nation to vote on who they feel has taken on the persona and spirit of Norm. The winner will receive Papa John’s cash and the opportunity to be a human Norm along side of Norm the Niner at our rivalry men’s basketball game vs. Davidson on Dec. 4.

Here is how you can take part in #normvember:

  • Send us a photo of your beard via Facebook (Charlotte 49ers), Instagram (@thecharlotte49ers), or Twitter (@charlotte49ers)
  • With the picture, in 140 characters or less, explain why you would make the best Norm
  • Submissions must be received by Friday, November 22 by 5pm
  • Voting will run from Monday, November 23-Wednesday, November 25
  • Voting will be a compilation of likes and shares of your photo on Facebook from the Charlotte 49ers Facebook page.[/size][/font]

I like this not just as a one off, but as a permanent fixture. Will he need to be as “muscular” as Norm? :slight_smile:

Maybe this is a test run to gauge reaction, etc., before making it more permanent?

I didn’t know our current Norm was Previously Recorded.


Back in my days at Charlotte, the mascot was a costumed, but not cartoon-headed, student. Not only that he had a musket-like rifle that he actually fired at certain points, like after a win. Crazy loud. :)) Would scare the crap out of you if you were not expecting it. :o

You beat me to it. That was a real gun, and a very loud one at that.

Saw on TV that the WV Mountaineer actually had his gun checked at whatever away stadium they were playing at last weekend. Times have changed.


[quote=“ZombieLew, post:11, topic:28408”]WHY WAS THIS NOT A THING WHEN I WAS A STUDENT!?!?!? :o[/quote]. You come through in the age of pussies. :wink:

I think we need a real life Clementine