Long Beach State 49ers 2004-05 Prospectus

LongBeachState.com: Long Beach State Men’s Basketball 2004 Summer Prospectus

Niners vs. Niners in Halton Arena on November 19th.


Not that I think it will make any difference in the outcome, but I noticed on the LBSU schedule that they will have played 2 games at home before heading east to play the real 49ers. So it will be they’re 3rd game, while it’s our first of the season.

[i]Originally posted by run49er[/i]@Oct 21 2004, 12:05 PM [b] it will be they're 3rd game, while it's our first of the season. [/b]
so i guess we will only beat them by 30 instead of 40

UC-San Diego and Alaska-Anchorage… they’ll be successful to split in those two games, 30 is about right.

I don’t have any doubt we will be Long Beach State and anything under 25 points will be disappointing. Just figuring that being the first game of the season, it may take a half to work the kinks out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a fairly close 1st half, followed by the Charlotte Niners taking the LBSU Niners to the woodshed in the 2nd!!!

BTW, those first 2 games for Long Beach State, I’ve just discovered, are exhibitions. I knew Alaska-Anchorage wasn’t D1, but didn’t realize UC San Diego wasn’t. Guess I was thinking Univ of San Diego and San Diego State. Duh… :wacko: