Looking for 3 or 4 lower level tickets to the Rhode Island game

Just throwing out a feeler here. If anyone has 3 or 4 lower level tickets for the game next Saturday that they aren’t going to use, I’d like to have them. I’ve been a season ticket holder for years, but haven’t been able to make it to a game this year because I had surgery in November. I’m still on crutches, so I don’t think I can do all of the steps for upper level seats. Anyways, just checking… send me a PM if you can help. Thanks!

Well, the game is in New York, so…

Excellent point sir. I guess I meant the Rhode Island game next Saturday.

If we lose to Fordham tomorrow you can probably have mine!

They won’t let you sit in the ADA seats at the top of the lower bowl?

I’m sure you could call the ticket office to get the ADA seats.

Shameless bump.

Yeah, I’m sure I could call and buy ADA seats… was just hoping to find some free ones that were going to go unused otherwise.