Looking for Spring Game TIx

Wanted to make a separate thread for tix for this Sat. I am looking for 2 if anyone has extra?


clt says 704.687.4949

I need 1 for my brother, and thanks for nothing Clt.

clt says the tix are $10

I have 4 …in Concord… can put in US mail tomorrow… no charge!

I’ve got two and can try to tranfer them if any body wants them.


Looks like I have 3 - will have them at the Normbulance in the black lot for anyone that wants them. First one to walk up gets them.

What time do you get there JWA? I just need 1 for my brother.

I’ll save you one

I have 1 extra. PM me if interested.

I have 4 available, just let me know asap so I can transfer.

Thanks for the ticket, JWA.

My pleasure - glad it worked out!