Looking to buy FSLs

Just moved back into the Charlotte Area and now looking to buy FSLs, only need two seats.

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It is my hope that in 10 years, this program is rolling, and all those FSL folks come storming back, and it really is hard to get a ticket without one. If that happens, all you FSL folks should be more than thrilled.

If we ever build an upper level the first few rows of the new upper level will offer the best sight lines in the stadium. Would we sell new FSLs or allow the existing FSL holders to transfer seats?

I’d love to be able to transfer locations.

Edit: to the upper level for better sight lines.

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I feel like I’m asked every year if I want to remain in my location or move. I think that as long is the level is the same (green, goldetc), that you could likely move.

clt says upper deck changed baseball cards forever.

Everything I have ever heard is current FSL holders would have first opportunity to transfer to new seats in order of priority.

Kudos to the guy who started this thread for having the opportunity and investing in the program…need more of that


I’d love first row in upper deck, but since I plan on coming until I’m 90 I’m not sure stairs are something I’m interested in.

I’m heading to the upper deck given the opportunity once it’s built. The seats behind the railing on the lower level will be nice to move back to when I can no longer do stairs, or maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll have an elevator for us old folk.

Legally, an elevator would have to be included in any expansion.

Well fortunately you’re only a year or two away from that.

clt _needs _ escalators to the second level

Wussy. Get a zep mooring pole installed at your seat. Problem solved.