Lutz interview in Triad

Just got a quick call from Marc Amazon at WBLO, Lutz was very apologetic about missing the show yesterday. They taped an interview that is being aired today in the 5:25 segment.


Please post the comments if you get to listen to it HP. I’m going to try to catch it, but if they don’t stick to their schedule I’ll miss it. Bobby took some ribbing for missing his slot yesterday, so hopefully the announcers won’t give him to hard a time.

Lutz did get some jabs for sure. But I’m not so sure a few weren’t indirectly thrown more at me and another listener who have been on the Charlotte/UNC Charlotte name kick with Amazon.

I’ll post details of the interview later.


The interview with Bobby lasted about 20 minutes. It was the standard fare, the 49ers have played well, this is a big game, the usual lovefest between Lutz and Huggins. The 1st game with the Bearcats was talked about and about how hopefully Mitchell would make a difference this time, the campers were praised for being outside and he wished it were that way for all the games, usually this is the only sellout. There was discussion over this being the final game with Cincy and a series continuation but Bobby mentioned there was only one OOC spot open for next season and that was going to be a home buy contest. He did say if Huggins called to play, he’d likely adjust the schedule. A-10 ball was discussed, the usual about 2 Elite 8 teams last year and how young the league was, how they’d be better and how C-USA was not the place for th 49ers in the future. Lutz was asked about recruiting in this area, this was the first hint of ACC talk, where he said they hit the in-state players hard but once it was apparent they would look only at ACC teams, Charlotte backed off them. The ECU game was mentioned briefly, said they’d not played well but they were ahead and simply did not score in the last 7 minutes. Lutz paised ECU for having a tough place to play. Amazon then said he had to ask the question about rumors of Lutz replacing Sendek. Bobby gave the same answer he gave Jason about the job. He said he wished fans would lay off Herb but he knew that goes with the territory and how people were calling for his head in Charlotte after just 2 losses this season.

After hearing the interview and talking with Marc… people, it’s time to pay up if you want him here, he’s gonna listen if the call comes. :frowning:


Bobby is already getiing paid isn’t he? You talking over a million cause if you are we can’t afford it.

That’s probably a nice round number, Sendek’s package I hear, is in the $875K range.


Not worth it…in my mind.The guys a decent coach,but if someone offers him a $million…God bless him…and them! He should take it,and we’ll replace him without a problem.

[i]Originally posted by lucky57[/i]@Feb 4 2005, 09:37 PM [b] Not worth my mind.The guys a decent coach,but if someone offers him a $million...God bless him...and them! He should take it,and we'll replace him without a problem. [/b]
I wish I was able to take that attitude. Of course I am a Lutz fan and don't want him to leave. I am not sure where you stand on Lutz, lucky.