Lutz is being very honest in post game

Basically said “we sucked”

and selfish

[i]Originally posted by sf49er[/i]@Jan 19 2005, 09:03 PM [b] Basically said "we sucked" [/b]
Did he say that he sucked tonight? He should. Of all his little gimick defenses that we use, how bout trying the one where we stop Nick Williams from droppoing 3's on us all night. The lack of effort we showed tonight in the second half was terrible, but to roll over like we did in the last 5 was beyond excuse. There is no way Huggins would tolerate that crap WE offered up tonight. IT falls on the coach, if we can't be ready for this type of game he should go coach womens JV somewhere.

Eddie gave up the first two of Williams 3 or 4 straight threes. Can we not comprehend “hand in face”?? they gave that kid so much room numerous times. and we never learn. REBOUNDS!!! DEFENSIVE REBOUNDS!!!

There are times when all teams are going to have a bad night, but this game was an embarrassment and a disgrace to Charlotte basketball for two simple reasons:

  1. Cincinnati played tougher than we did. By this I mean, they were mentally and physically tougher, and we allowed ourselves to be intimidated by them. They just went right through us like we were a 3rd grade girls team.

  2. This is the one is the one that pisses me off the most. WE GAVE UP in the last few minutes. That is inexcusable. I can tolerate a bad game where shots just won’t fall, but to show a total lack of heart is ridiculous. :cuss:

Lutz needs to do what a couple other coaches have done, and not let them practice in or wear anything that has the Charlotte name on it, AND make them practice in football gear (may have to borrow this from another school for obvious reasons). Not having your starting point guard was only a piece of the problem last night. Lack of heart and effort are the major concerns.

Don’t forget how we stayed in zone all night when we were getting murdered on the boards. Great coaching instinct there.