Lutz leaving????

I might be crazy, but I could have sworn I heard him on Lutz live last week mention that he had no intentions of leaving and that his “work here had just started”. Your right, he is tired of the lack of fan support. I know it was UNC-Duke night but Halton seemed to be void of any atmosphere.

As for the reason why we have a lack of fan support, I place part of the blame on sports talk radio, especially Packer. They just show no love.

Ahhhhhhh, alas, a fresh topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you think that a run in the dance, perhaps to the sweet 16 would create a snowball effect with the niners in all aspects. That would give us more money, more pub, now and into the offseason, may sway some iffy recruits-- making charlotte not a powerhouse, but a team that people are at least thinking twice about. we could be the team to beat in the a 10. the bonnies and st joe’s got a lot of pub when they were winning a lot of games.

Would this be enough to keep lutz happy and resist rebuilding a more high profile school. or is the money something too strong of a temptation. would contract renegotiations happen if we made a serious run?