Lutz Live MP3

I made an mp3 of tonight’s LutzLive for those of you that can’t pick up WFNZ. I missed the first 15 seconds or so, but the rest is there… I even took the commercials out. B) The file is about 11mb (32kb/s). (right click --> save target as)

Mac, feel free to host this on NinerNation unless you have a better quality version.

Hey, thanks. Nice work for those of us that missed it.

Great job. Thanks!


Thank you!

Thanks, FNZ has little chance of coming in around here.

thanks, no FNZ signal for me either.

LutzFan is my hero. Lutz is also my hero. Thanks for the mp3. After I finish listening to it, I can mirror the file on my site…

I’ll add a link back to in a bit.

Sweet, I’ll listen when I get home today. Thanks!