Lutz Live Recap??

What went on?..I missed it.

He talked about the Cincy game, how he was very pleased we were able to take a decent lead in the second half. Said how hard St. Louis will be, though he thinks we are very well prepared. Talked about how he told his players befor the Houston game that they deserve better then the amount of people that will be in the stands and how we wouldn’t have the advantage like we did against Cincy, though he thanked the fans like us saying how great it is to have fans as loyal as us. Said it will be difficult to go from the Houston fast pace game, to the slow St. Louis game, just as it was earlier when we player UAB then St. Louis. Someone asked a question about what can we do about getting people in the seats, which gets asked every week, and he gave his same answer, he does what he can and so do the players, just the fans and alumni need to step it up and market ourselves better. Talked about Eddie, and how he so consistant. Said there were a lot of NBA scouts there to watch Owens and Eddie and Curt, so obviously they saw Eddie posterize that poor guy.

There were about 15 people there, which is a good crowd, but we really need to get more fans out there to show support. Great chance to talk to coach, ask questions…I also noticed the State game was on all the TV’s, and Bobby looked up maybe twice for a half a second at the game, if that means anything. Plus he talked about how if we got football he’d welcome it as long as its classy, and how the A-10 is a good fit but isn’t our permanent place, which makes me feel good about him staying talking about our future like that.

Matt made a good point. There may be no ice under the floor at the Savvis Center on Saturday with no NHL this year. Bobby also said that the rims there are within tollerances but are tighter than most arenas that we will play at.

Good crowd tonight, showed up about 10 minutes before the show and actually got the last table around the bar area(usually there are plenty to choose from).

I wrote in a question about getting people to Halton and excited about our team and games, he answered it but was the standard “we just need to get people more excited” response, the most intresting part was he said he will speak to anyone that asks. As in any campus group who wants a speaker, Bobby will be there to be an ambassador for the team. I know groups like Gang Green don’t really need motivation, but if anyone on this board is on some other school group or club, getting Bobby to speak might be a good opportunity to gain fans.

I hated to hear him say he told the players they deserved better, I know it’s true but it is tough to to hear our head coach say that. He was thankful of the fans that did show up and said they were really pumped and into the Houston game, but 5,000 just can’t compare to 9,105, no matter how hard we try.

Just hearing his dissappointment gets me more pumped up about trying to get people to show up for the rest of the games. I am definitely making a run on campus Sunday or Monday to post tons of flyers about the Depaul game. I’m also thinking of doing the green Belk town thing. I know we still have a game before then, but we need get Halton packed. Anything we can do will help, please try to spread the word any way you can.

Thankfully questions about his future were avoided this time around.

Bobby came to my fraturnity parents night dinner (I’m a member of Pi Kappa Alpha, or PIKE). He gave one of the most inspirational motivating speeches I’ve ever heard, and thats not a lie. He wasn’t just motivating to go watch niner games, he told stories and spoke in a way that made me believe I could get a 4.0 GPA, walk on the basketball team, be whatever I want, do whatever I want. He showed up, on a day where he had to give 3 other speeches, talked for way longer then we thought he would, and made a huge impression on all the parents and brothers there. He is one of the most well educated, well spoken individuals I know, and highly recommend him for anything that you would want him to speak for.

Bobby Lutz…your the man

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otherwise, clt fully supports you’re comments.

[i]Originally posted by NINERcowbellplayer[/i]@Feb 10 2005, 07:57 PM [b] Plus he talked about how if we got football he'd welcome it as long as its classy, and how the A-10 is a good fit but isn't our permanent place, which makes me feel good about him staying talking about our future like that. [/b]
I missed the part about football. Regarding the A-10, he also said the league is young (young players) and a little down this year but will be much better next year. He pointed out that several of the teams start 2 or 3 freshman. He sounded positive about it.

See this thread for an mp3 of the show.

[b]but 5,000 just can't compare to 9,105,[/b]

Sad thing is that there wasn’t even 5000, it was less than 3000 which is inexcusable.

This team does deserve better than that.

Lutz has made similar comments about attendance numbers in each of his 6 seasons here. I wouldn’t read too much into them as they relate to the NC State rumors.

[i]Originally posted by CSW_Niner_News[/i]@Feb 11 2005, 09:55 AM [b] Lutz has made similar comments about attendance numbers in each of his 6 seasons here. I wouldn't read too much into them as they relate to the NC State rumors. [/b]
Yeah, it's been a common theme. I know we need more people in the seats but look how far we've come in terms of being discussed locally and nationally. We've gained a lot of respect in the last 6 years.

I’m a little concerned that the media is prepared to elevate Pacific and St. Mary’s to the level of a Gonzaga based on 2/3 of one season. How about paying some dues first, like making it to the dance a few years in a row.

The guys on Sports Center last night were practically promoting them to the upper tier of the Pac-10.

I want to see Pacific and St. Mary’s play in Halton.

Pacific: (19-2)
Sat, Nov 20 at San Jose St. W 70-52 – --
Tue, Nov 23 Santa Clara W 71-65 – --
Sat, Dec 4 at (3) Kansas L 70-81 – --
Wed, Dec 8 at UC Davis W 78-63 – --
Sat, Dec 11 at Nevada W 72-69 – --
Sat, Dec 18 San Francisco L 64-67 – --
Tue, Dec 21 at Fresno St. W 88-77 – --
Tue, Dec 28 UC Riverside W 58-45 – --
Thu, Dec 30 CSU Fullerton W 94-88 – --
Sun, Jan 2 Cal Poly W 83-62 – --
Thu, Jan 6 at Long Beach St. W 68-60 – --
Sat, Jan 8 at UC Irvine W 67-65 – --
Thu, Jan 13 Utah St. W 73-66 – --
Sat, Jan 15 Idaho W 62-53 – --
Thu, Jan 20 at Cal Poly W 90-78 – --
Sat, Jan 22 at UCSB W 58-43 – --
Thu, Jan 27 at CSU Northridge W 66-62 – --
Mon, Jan 31 UC Davis W 70-64 – --
Thu, Feb 3 UC Irvine W 71-61 – --
Sat, Feb 5 Long Beach St. W 87-58 – --
Thu, Feb 10 at Idaho W 78-56 – --

St. Mary’s (20-6)
Thu, Nov 11 at Belmont W 67-58 – --
Fri, Nov 12 at California W 61-52 – --
Thu, Nov 18 Memphis L 66-81 – --
Fri, Nov 19 Mississippi St. L 54-67 – --
Sun, Nov 21 San Francisco St. W 71-48 – --
Tue, Nov 23 at UNLV W 64-54 – --
Sat, Nov 27 at Rutgers L 58-66 – --
Thu, Dec 2 Delaware W 67-58 – --
Sun, Dec 5 Notre Dame de Namur W 77-42 – --
Sat, Dec 11 at Hawaii L 77-84 – --
Tue, Dec 14 at San Diego St. W 73-64 – --
Fri, Dec 17 Sacramento St. W 73-38 – --
Sun, Dec 19 Hampton W 66-55 – --
Tue, Dec 28 Radford W 72-60 – --
Wed, Dec 29 Murray St. W 75-62 – --
Tue, Jan 4 BYU W 72-51 – --
Thu, Jan 6 Portland W 66-45 – --
Sat, Jan 8 (14) Gonzaga W 89-81 – --
Tue, Jan 11 Air Force W 59-58 – --
Sat, Jan 15 Santa Clara L 42-65 – --
Thu, Jan 20 at Pepperdine W 70-63 – --
Sat, Jan 22 at Loyola Marymount W 83-66 – --
Thu, Jan 27 San Diego W 79-69 – --
Sun, Jan 30 San Francisco W 68-64 – --
Thu, Feb 3 at (14) Gonzaga L 63-68 – --
Sat, Feb 5 at Portland W 73-72 – --

These teams have no quality wins between them except St. Mary’s beat Gonzaga.

a 16-4 record (9ers) against Alabama, UAB, TCU, Cinci, and Marquette is better than 19-2 record (Pacific) against Kansas and…

19-2 is good though. I guess you have to reward near perfection. Man, we are so close to being 19-1 and top 15. Damn.