Lutz Live

I missed Lutz live tonight, can anyone tell me what was said and what I missed?

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Talked about how they are not looking past Tulan at all. Said how Tulanes court is very much like a lot of the courts in the A-10, very old school and small where the fans are right on you. There were a lot of call ins, pretty much same questions as every week. (what can we do more to get fans out…what will happen next year with the A-10…how will alexander and bennett help next year…and a weird question about a psych for our free throw shooting) SAid he was very pleased with the way we could finish off DePaul and stick in the game. Talked about how rankings helps us with respect, but thats not whats gonn aget us to the NCAA, and he believes we are not a lock. Said how Iti just didn’t match up well with DePaul, would play more against Tulane where he will be challenged by Tulanes post man.

Not too much on St. Louis besides the, of course glad to win since we never had, very pleased with the fact that our players stayed in it and didn’t get down when it went to overtime.

Overall it was a decent Lutz Live. Seemed to turn into a call in show, but you can tell Bobby’s confident and so is our team.

One more thing, please stop callin in and asking the same questions: Don’t ask Lutz how we can get more fans in Halton, don’t ask if the A-10 will hurt us, don’t ask who will be our rival, and don’t ask if he is staying or mention State. All these have been asked for the past 3 to 4 weeks, although Bobby doesn’t sigh everytime, or gets bored with the same questions, it just for the people that go every week gets a little redundant since he has the same answer he did last week.

Is there anyway someone recorded it and can post it on here again this week???

[i]Originally posted by amstamey[/i]@Feb 17 2005, 09:41 PM [b] Is there anyway someone recorded it and can post it on here again this week??? [/b]
We should have up a recording in the morning, so check back. Lutzfan was kind enough to do the recording, but he's having trouble getting it on his isp webspace tonight(may have overloaded it with that last one). Regardless, we'll have something for you in hte morning.

Thank you, i really appreciate it

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Hey, no problem, Lutz. Thanks for taking the time.

He also talked about Eddie’s chance to make the NBA and thinks he has an outside (emphasis on outside right now) chance of going in the first round, but for sure would go in the second round. Went on to state the obvious that if he didn’t go in the first round, it’d be better for Eddie to not get drafted at all.

The caller who wanted to use the Psychology department and/or hypnosis to help with free throws… criminy. :blink:

There was some pretty crappy questions tonight by some. Overall it was a good show. I totally agree on Lutz sounding confident. You definently get that feeling from our team. ECU game, though bad, may have woke this team up, hopefully for good. Those games were we blew against UNC-A but still won mean a lot now.

He did say Basden will definitely be playing for pay next year. I hope he makes an NBA roster. That would be a great reward for someone who has worked so hard. If half the goons in the NBA today had his heart, it might make watching NBA basketball worthwhile.

[font=Optima][SIZE=4]I LOVE EDDIE BASDEN!!![/font][/SIZE]

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I'm starting to worry about you students.

I got to hear bits and pieces. Very good show from the parts I heard. Hope you guys can get the audio working. There were callers throughout the entire program. Someone asked about using the school’s marketing dept to help sell the program. I didn’t hear his answer. He also said he agreed with Fowler’s article…that we have a great product here, inexpensive tickets, and hard working guys…which deserve the support.

Also, someone called to compliment the assistant coaches and Bobby talked about Orlando and Lane Odom. Said both moved on for salaries over 100K. He said he felt like Moss and Moxley are ready to coach at the small D-1 level but hoped they would stay…but understands the financial side of things.

[i]Originally posted by NinerLoudNProud[/i]@Feb 17 2005, 11:14 PM [b] The caller who wanted to use the Psychology department and/or hypnosis to help with free throws... criminy. :blink: [/b]
NLNP, that's actually been done before -- the psychology thing -- as I recall. During the Mullins era, if my feeble 45 year old brain remembers correctly.
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