Lutz mention in latest Forde Minutes

From Pat Forde in this week’s “Cribs Edition” of Forde Minutes…

[b]Charles E. Smith Athletic Center (31)[/b]. Who plays there: George Washington. Opened: 1975. Capacity: 5,000. The only real quirk is the location of the visitors' locker room, which is just off a hallway the media walks down to the workroom, with a kind of lounge area alongside. [b]The Minutes once started down the hallway only to encounter Charlotte coach Bobby Lutz standing in the lounge area, F-bombing his team to one of his assistants before going into the locker room. Charlotte was new to the Atlantic-10 then; presumably Lutz has since figured out a place to vent out of media earshot.[/b]

Link: Forde Minutes - Mar. 2

so we are not alone…Bobby rants about his own team too :))

Give him a raise Judy!

Hopefully John Fox does the same behind closed doors. But I wanna see/hear it too dang it!

F bombs aren’t dropped enough by coaches about their team. If the team choked a big one and they F’in suxed tonight… TELL US!