Lutz Previews LBSU with NinerReport

Wanted to make this available to everyone to kick off basketball season.

Lutz Previews LBSU with NinerReport



Thank goodness for the Long Beach State preview by JJ because the Observer really missed the mark in this morning’s paper. No probable starting lineups, practically nothing about the “other” 49ers, etc. Actually, not much period. Quite a letdown after all the press we had been getting. Hmmm… :confused:

Thanks J…good stuff.

Nice to have several options for info though, when one source is a little less in-depth about the game. Observer has done great so far but it would have been nice to have a better preview in today’s paper. Hopefully we’ll at least get a big front page photo with Eddie dunking on someone. :slight_smile:

From the Long Beach Press-Telegram:

Things changing at Pyramid

Did Lutz mention anything in this about Withers being suspended? When did the incident occur or when was the decision made?