Lutz recod with T's

What is his record when getting a T?

I don’t know, one of you nerds inform us. No Offense.

I’m still pissed about Alabama. He needs to tone it down, he isn’t going to get nearly as much leeway as Huggins.

I just want him to coach. If he does that, I’ll take the T’s at this point.

Meant to put this in my thread.

What is the point in getting a T when you are down 15? Makes you look like a whiney little b!tch and nothing else. Sure as hell didn’t spark the team to do any better. And if you have to get a tech just to get their attention, somethings way wrong, anyway.

I hate that not only do we fold up and lose, we look like asses when we do it. Take your beating like a man, at the least.

I hope Tennessee/NC State/Virginia like coaches who get lots of Ts. :wacko: <_<