Lutz Talks about State

Lutz Talks To JJ About State

JJ’s got an article up at NinerReport with coach.

Sounds like Lutz is ready to pull of another ACC butt whippin! Loved this part!

But don’t think that Lutz has used that fact as a teaching tool.

“I haven’t brought that up with my team at all,” he said. “None of those guys were at State and none of our guys were with us. They played a totally different style that year. Motivation-wise everybody thinks that we’re the ones that are going to be fired up, and we will be, but I’m sure they’re aware that the last time these two teams played it was at State and we won.”

I’ve got you guys’ emails and I concede, this should be available to everyone… The link is open to everyone.

I won’t address the Lutz coaching situation right now as some of you asked in your emails, but I will after the season.

Right now NC State is the news, that’s what the guys are focused on and I can tell you that’s what Lutz is focused on.

Lutz On State

that’s the way it needs to be…Lutz, and the team, as i’m sure are focused entirely on friday,
i hate seeing all this crap about coaching changes on espn, it just starts rumors, gets sh*t started and messes everything up, including everyone’s focus
GET BACK TO WHAT MATTERS NOW!!! charlotte v ncsu friday!!

I agree with that… But you’ve got to admit that this coaching move news is getting us worried.

I hope he doesn’t go, but for now lets beat NC State!