Lutz will be on Bill Rosinski Show today

FYI: Just heard that he will be on today talking about his trip to Kuwait.

The Rosinski show is on 610 AM in Charlotte and on Not sure what time Lutz will be on.

Lutz should be coming up soon.

Lutz on now:

  • Mentioned they didn’t have courts or regulation hoops to practice on. They throw down wood or whatever they can find that the ball will bounce on to practice.
  • Tom Izzo’s team won but he had the best one there of all the teams.
  • Said the troops asked about what the perception of the war on college campuses, said he did the best he could to explain.
  • Said the troops don’t even listen to the American media because their coverage is so lop sided. Said they never report the good they’re doing and that frustrates them.
  • Said he heard a lot of stories about the insurgency and some horror stories. Told a story of kids with bombs strapped to them.
  • They treated them like generals and had a great time. They slept in the permanent barracks but there are tents there as well. The troops actually prefer the tents cause they’re some privacy.
  • Heat would “knock you down”. 130 degrees at times. Different codes classify the heat.
  • They’re supposed to work 10 minutes and rest for 50 in that kind of heat but it’s more like 30/30.
  • The experience was great and he’d go back in a minute. The troops had a great time but the most joy was for the coaches.
  • Amazing moment was when the National Anthem was being played not one person is moving, like they’re not even breathing. Said it was very emotional to have it played in those surroundings
  • Midnight Maddness will start at 7
  • Bill asked about team. Has 5 seniors and that’s rare. Great experience. Mentioned EJ and Curt as the local kids. Think we’ll be in the top couple of the league.
  • Niners fight song played for a few moments and Bill wrapped it up.

Thanks for the recap MK, good stuff.