Lutz will never get fired stop talking about it

There is no way in hell that Judy is gonna fire Bobby period. They are doing everything they can to raise money to afford to keep him around as long as possible. You have to keep in mind that we are a relatively small time program. We cant pay a coach a million dollars to come here. For all you Lutz head hunters out there, you need to realize that for his talent, Lutz is greatly underpaid by todays standards. Appreciate what you have because things could be so much worse. The only way we are gonna get a new coach here is if Bobby leaves for a higher paying job. We’re not a school of 40,000 students with half a million alumni and millions of fans around the country. Pull your heads out of your asses and be happy with what we have.

Congratulations, YOU STARTED A TOPIC!!!

You could have added this statement to one of the dozens of other threads related to this situation, but you felt your opinion was important enough to waste more bandwidth, and you went above and beyond. You learned something new today. Good Job. Here is a Gold Star.

Lutz will not get fired. Im hoping he is dumb enough to think he can succeed somewhere else. Pack your bags Bobby and hit the road.

I don’t recall one single thread relating to Lutz leaving, having anything to do with him being fired. Any and all speculation on that subject, has stemmed solely from the suggestion that Bobby would opt to leave on his on accord if an appealing opportunity surfaced.

And this board is for open discussion on any topics relating to the Niners or the coaching staff. To suggest that people here cannot speculate about Lutz, our assistants or players defeats the whole purpose of an online community. Some of you need to accept that not everyone is going to share the same opinion here. And that no one opinion is superior to another.

This place needs the optimists, the realists, the pessimists and the apathetic. It is what keeps this place interesting, unlike most of the other bland/boring communities that exist online. If anyone is offended by, annoyed by or sick of a particular subject, then simply do not click on the thread. The subject/title is usually pretty indicative of the content.

I am so happy we have made the NCAA’s again. Goal of the season complete. Can’t wait till next year. We should be greatful we even make the NCAA’s. Winning a game in the NCAA"s is way overrated. :rolleyes:

JCL- Agree with most of what you said. However “no opinion is superior to another”. I wholeheartedly disagree. Opinions are not all equal. Some people’s opinion’s are ignorant and dumbfounded. Other’s are well based and thought through. Certainly some opinions are better than others. My opinions are superior to 99.9% of this board. Who is the .1%? Good question. I rock and my opinions are right. Other’s opinions are wrong. I am superior!