Lutz - You can't beat Gary Waters

His team is worse than yours. So was Kent. Yet he’s beaten you at home - twice.
DON’T EVER SCHEDULE HIM AGAIN. We’ll lose up there next year by 35.

Completely outcoached. FT’s obviously hurt, but Lutz was outcoached.

Agree Lutz is not a good bench coach

I know I will be attacked but it is ture.

This is absolutely inexcusable. It wasn’t our first game, it was theirs. We had a month of practice in Canada, they didn’t. If you want respect, you have to win games you are supposed to win especially at home. RU is good, but they should not have beaten us. Observer, put us on page 11 until we prove we can win games we are supposed to win.


Bobby made the worst mistake ever by having Brendan and EJ in the game at the same time. EJ is about the worst defender I have ever seen in my life and Brendan was just abused. We played great D all first half, then we keep those two in the game together so long we lose the game.

Free Throws hurt badly, but they should have never been an issue. Douby was getting clear looks over Brendan. But that’s not BP’s fault, it’s Lutz’. He lost us this game with poor coaching and bad decisions.

Lutz’ recruiting has got us to where we are. But, if we wanna be honest, he is probably a below average bench coach. Agree that Waters has flat out abused him twice with good, but inferiorly talented teams on our own court. That was just pathetic.

[i]Originally posted by Powerbait[/i]@Nov 22 2004, 11:11 PM [b] Bobby made the worst mistake ever by having Brendan and EJ in the game at the same time. [/b]
Would you stop f'ing scapegoating our players?

It gets really old. We had a whistle happy ref. Waters spead us out and played one on one. Everyone got used by that ref. Hats off to Waters. Smart, smart man. I hope he’s available if and when Lutz leaves.

it was a poor decision to have EJ and Brendan in the game at the same time. They are both defensive liabilities. Now, pay attention man, I said it was a poor decision, which means that I am saying Bobby is at fault, not the players. It is not their fault that they aren’t capable of doing what Bobby asked them to do.

I don’t blame Brendan for not being tall enough to guard Douby, but I blame Bobby for having him try.

Id much rather have great recruiting and average coaching the the other way around.