Mac Mini

I’ve been a PC guy since intel came out with their first x86 processor, but I’ve been intrigued by Apple lately with their *nix(since OS10) based operating system. The problem has always been pricing. Even with the new Mac Mini, you can still go out and build a much more powerful machine for the same price in teh pc world. The form factor would be hard to beat with that amount of computing power though.

Anyway, just thought I’d see what some other impressions might be, but I think I’ll be grabbing up owe of these before too long. It may become what I recommend to people looking to get their first computer who are just looking to do Internet, e-mail, etc.


Wow, nice to see they threw a R9200 in that thing. Not a great card by today’s standards but not bad for the casual user who’s not looking to play graphic intensive games. I’ve never had any experience with Mac’s but it does seem like a nice device for someone who wants the minimal online experience. Would also be good for kids.

Pretty sophisticated unit for something no bigger than a HDD.

I switched over to a mac for home use a few years back. I probably will stick with a mac, mainly because I got sick of fighting with MSFT at work and I dont have enough time to set up a linux box…so Mac was a interesting alternative. I even worked with MSFT in Redmond for a year and managed not to get brainwashed or hooked on Starbucks. :slight_smile:

Yeah but you got hooked on the M’s and Seahawks—I think Starbucks is a better choice! Just kidding. I am stongly considering Mac next time round. I love my new iPod so I guess I am getting “brainwashed” with the Mac stuff…

Pound for pound, they build superior products than PC. But as Mac said, they’re a bit too proud and over price their products. I was nearing a breaking point with PCs until XP came out. Since I don’t use IE (Mozilla Firefox), I haven’t had a single problem with XP and will stay with PC until Apple decides it wants to play ball.

Here’s something about the price of the mini Mac and it’s total value compared to a low end Dell.

The Mac mini: Comparing Apples and Oranges

Macs are overpriced and overyhyped by the bohemian artsy crowd. I use a PC and a Mac and they both suck. But at least PC owners are honest about the sucking. Mac owners would have you believe their products are infallible.

I’m a PC guy all the way, but I have to tip my hat to Mac… if they could price the thing $100 lower, I dont think they could make them fast enough. Even at $500, they are still a good buy. But even more importantly than that, they are a tremendously attractive buy to such a large portion of the consumer base.

Pair one of these with a non Apple (therefore reasonably priced) LCD monitor and you have a minimalistic computer that performs like a full fledged one. Do not underestimate that appeal. I recently switched from a behemoth 75 lb 21" Sony CRT to a 20.5" LCD and the extra desk space I have now is ridiculous; not to mention the aesthetic appeal. I’ve already been looking into Shuttle SFF boxes to get rid of my big clunky Antec tower.

The only downside I really see is software availability. Apple really needs to do something about that.

NA, may I humbly suggest this setup if you’re considerring an SFF:

It uses Micro-ATX (better upgrade possibilities) and is fairly quiet. I’d also pair it with possibly:…cookie%5Ftest=1

This Pentium M setup is about as fast as intel gets once you overclock and it’s QUIET, which I envy greatly these days in computers. I’m personally tired of the white noise. There should be a shuttle SFF using the M in the next month or two as well a an updated chipset and new motherboards.

If I had the cash and could justify a new PC setup, I’d be heading this route. I’m hoping to do the Mac sometime, but have to do the same for that as well :frowning:

This thread might as well be chinease for me…

But uh, I got a Dell…it’s uhhh black, has a little gray. Pretty big screen, got the 2 inch speakers with about 3 watts pumping out of them babies. It’s got one of those things you stick like…cd’s in and stuff…Plugs into the wall…It was maybe 1,000 bucks, and it works.

Oh yeah, came with a mouse and keyboard too…they’re also black…upgraded B)